The Next Generation Of Barcode Labeling Is Here. Say Hello To LabelZoom

LabelZoom is an online barcode label conversion service and label design platform that simplifies, automates, and accelerates your business's barcode labeling.

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Over a decade of building labels has taught us a few things. Let our labeling engine do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Only one file to maintain. The file you build in the designer is the same file you deploy to the application server. No more manually converting between formats.

Open Source

With our XML-based file format, you can track changes to labels in the version control system you know and love. Ditch those obscure, proprietary file formats.


Our self-serve delivery model will have you building labels in minutes, not months. We stand behind you, not in front of you.

LabelZoom Studio Screenshot

Build Labels With LabelZoom In Six Easy Steps

  • Download and install LabelZoom Studio.
  • Create a new label. Define the label dimensions, margins, and print orientation.
  • Drag and drop controls onto the label canvas.
  • Write the code to pull data from a data source (SQL database, MOCA server, etc.)
  • Map the variable fields on the label to the field names in your data command.
  • Deploy the label to the application server.

Our Features

Easy UX

You'll feel right at home with the familiar user interface and Visual Studio-style properties grid.

Live Preview

Preview label output in real time, dramatically reducing the complexity and time of the testing cycle.

Advanced Controls

Labels that adapt seamlessly to variable sized data sets. International address formatting with one click.

Dynamic DPI Scaling

Labels are not bound to a specific printer or driver. Build once, deploy anywhere.

LabelZoom Building Blocks Concept Art

Free Tools

Scale your development team effortlessly. No limits on concurrent developers.

Plain Text (XML) Files

Track changes to labels using any verison control system. Compare labels side-by-side, spot differences instantly.

Manufacturer Support

Driverless printing to Zebra (ZPL) printers, regardless of whether you're using Windows or Linux.


Happy Users


Labels Built


Documents Converted


Cups of Coffee

Our Pricing

LZ Studio

Scale up development

  • Free Label Designer
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Web-Based Support
  • Production Workloads
  • Label Conversion Service
  • Free Future Updates & Fixes

LZ Engine

On-premise peace of mind

  • Free Label Designer
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Configurable Support
  • Production Workloads
  • Label Conversion Service
  • Updates via SMA

LZ Custom

Something else in mind? Let's talk.

  • Free Label Designer
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Configurable Support
  • Production Workloads
  • Label Conversion Service
  • Free Future Updates & Fixes

Happy Users

Now Available

For a frictionless installation and seamless updates, we recommend installing from the Microsoft Store. If this option is not available to you, you may also download the installer from our member portal. Registration is free and all we need is your name and e-mail address.

Change Log

Version 1.0 Release

The initial release of LabelZoom is now available for download. We're excited for you to try the product and hear your feedback!

Mar 18, 2020
Feb 06, 2020

Website Created

During January, LabelZoom evolved from an idea to a working prototype, so it was time to start setting up a distribution mechanism.

Development Began

The idea for LabelZoom was dreamed up in a secret lab somewhere deep underground. A mad scientist had a plan and a Red Bull, and started writing some code.

Dec 29, 2020

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Is LabelZoom Free To Use?

Anyone can create an account and download LabelZoom for free. There are two components that make LabelZoom tick:

  1. The label editor (LabelZoom Studio). This is installed on a user's local computer or workstation and can be used to create, edit, test, and preview labels.
  2. The server library (LabelZoom Engine). There are various flavors of this, depending on which enterprise application you are deploying labels to. Once installed, the label engine will begin generating labels with an embedded watermark. To remove the watermark, a server license must be purchased and the license must be activated on the application server.

What's My ROI?

The average supply chain consulting company charges anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 USD to build a new shipping label. For the fraction of the cost of a label per year, you can cut your label development costs, label development time, and code maintenance costs by over 50%.

What Sets You Apart From Your Competition?

LabelZoom may appear similar to other label design tools on the surface, but it's completely different underneath the hood. Labels are not bound to a specific printer, licenses are not bound to the number of printers/users, and LabelZoom's proprietary ZPL printer driver will not cause the undesired effects of legacy drivers (which are known to inadvertently override printer settings).

What Applications Are Compatible With LabelZoom?

The Designer and Label Engine are currently only compatible with MOCA-based versions of the Blue Yonder product line. This includes, but is not limited to, Blue Yonder WMS (formerly known as RedPrairie WMS and JDA WMS).

Is LabelZoom Available Offline?

An Internet connection is required to use some of the features found within the label designer (LabelZoom Studio). However, since the speed and availability of your WMS is critical to the ongoing success of your business, LabelZoom Engine is available in both Cloud and On-Premise configurations.

Will My Old Labels Still Work After Installing LabelZoom?

Yes, absolutely. LabelZoom was designed with an "opt-in" mentality in mind. New configuration points are added to each system that allow you to configure labels to be processed by the LabelZoom Labeling Engine instead of the OEM labeling engine. Unless specific criteria are met, your system's labeling processes will fall back to their default behavior.


Get In Touch

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We'd love to help you decide whether LabelZoom is the right fit for your business or project.